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Priceless footage! This kid is going to be the man in the next 15 years. Can you imagine the college and house parties!?!?! I wish i was his age, so maybe I would have the chance to hang out with this boy when he gets older. Man this vid is great, take a look!

1st Game Back is a Success.

Posted: August 28, 2009 in Eagles, NFL, Philly, Sports

Although Mike Vick didn’t start, was fairly rusty and didn’t play much, he still managed to go out there and show the world that he was willing to do whatever it takes.

Thats right Mike!

Thats right Mike!

Sure, its a long road back until Vick becomes the beloved sports icon that he once was, but he’s on the right track… Tonight he played multiple positions (QB, Wide out and lining up in the famous wild cat formation), showing that he’s more than just an unconventional quarter back.

With Andy Reed as head coach, I think that We could utilize Mike for more things than just a back up QB. I can see him doing what Reggie Bush does, catching pitches out on the wings and making plays with his feet. What makes it more dangerous, is that he has a cannon that is out of this world! So making the throw down the field is something that defensive coordinators will always have to consider. The Wild Cat offense is just child’s play when factoring in the slew of offensive threats that the Eagles possess.

Because of all the drama surrounding Vick, the city has been polarized, which makes it hard to feel out the general consensus on how the fans will accept him. But when he first stepped out on the field, the crowd was rather welcoming to say the least. We know how things can get with us Philly fans…

“It was awesome. When I was running out onto the field I was listening to see what the reaction was going to be,” Vick said. “I was very pleased. I really didn’t expect that reaction, but I was very thankful.”

I’m sure the city of Philly will come around as a whole, and will sooner rather than later, appreciate Mike Vick for who he is, let alone what he’s capable of doing. Its just gona take some time, but I’m glad he is here..

Welcome Michael Vick!

Eagles win 33-32.

T.I. The Person…

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Music, Philly

This video was captured and edited by a one of my middle school classmate’s brother, Brandon Robinson.

B.R. aka B.I., is T.I.’s¬†personal photographer/videographer. This compilation gives you all a peek inside of the world of T.I. the celebrity, and Clifford Harris the man.

Most of us take it for granted, you know, with all that we see on tv. But there’s a lot of hard work put into this type of career in order to make it successful. More importantly, this video shows you the real life aspects of being the kind of celebrity that T.I. is, not just the glits and glamour.

Great editing. He couldnt have picked a better way to piece together this material. It correlates so well with the song.

Shout outs to Marcus R.

Mike Vick is Ready!

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Eagles, NFL

According to ESPN News, Vike Vick will be suiting up and playing in his first professional NFL game since 2007..

Supposedly, Vick is going to play against the Jacksonville Jaguars this Thursday. Cant wait!! Im happy for him and excited for the eagles. I dont have much to report on this, but damn, that first play we see him on the field will be nuts! …Let me stop before this negro does a Tom Brady on us and gets hurt the first play of the game lol

Philly Stand Up! This could be the beginning of something great for our city… UNITE!

White Chocolate aka Jason Williams is back in the NBA after taking a year off.

Most known for his flashy passes and fancy crossovers, the white boy from Orlando, Florida is coming back and getting ready to gear up with the Orlando Magic.

J Dub looking like the Logo..

J Dub looking like the Logo..

The 10 year vet has been through a few difficulties prior to winning his first and only championship with the Miami Heat in 2006. Debuting in the 1998-99 season, Jason-White-Chocolate-Williams had trouble finding his niche as a true point guard in the NBA. Most of his critics were rather cynical, in saying that he played the game the wrong way and didnt take the game seriously. But one thing is certain, this man can play. Most people haven’t had the chance to pay close attention to J Dub and his outlandish skill set/talent, primarily because of the low profile and sub par winning organizations that he’s played for.

Since being traded from the (then Vancouver) Grizzlies, Williams has toned it down and has learned how to play team basketball. Every once and a while he’ll pull out a trick or two, but playing under the Great Hubbie Brown and Pat Riley in the later stages of his career has cultivated his game into a respectable, and relatively useful one.

All in all, I’m just happy to see him back in the league… If you ask me, he’s always had a nasty game. Too bad youtube wasn’t around when he was REALLY doing his thing

I need yall opinion…

Who has the nastiest handle in the league?

Mike Beasley Smoking that Weedy

Posted: August 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

According to ESPN, Michael Beasley from the Miami Heat checked himself into a rehabilitation Center in Houston Texas. Reportedly, the Miami Heat encouraged Mike Beasley to check into the facility to address possible substance and psychological issues…

Is he Hi??? lol

Is he Hi??? lol

Quotes from Mike Beasley’s Twitter page

“Y do i feel like the whole world is against me..I cant win for losing.”

“Feeling like its not worth living!!!!!!! I’m done.”

Now this “Mary Jane” issue with Michael Beasley shouldn’t be a surprise. Prior to last years draft, the reports came out about his encounters with marijuana.

With Beasley being a top tier talent type of guy, teams will certainly be interested in the much anticipated 2010 signing frenzy. With this story making its way to the media, I’m sure his stock will go down…

What do you guys think about this matter? Is it a serious issue, or should had Pat Riley and the Miami Heat just let him be. After all, disciplinary action can not be enforced because he didn’t fail a drug test.

Share your thoughts…

31 years old and still doing!

Kobe Bryant is still the leagues best player, and remains at the top of his game. It seems like yesterday when the skinny, peanut head kid from right outside of philly (Lower Marion), came into the league as a young 17-year-old. With all the talk about Lebron owning the league in the future, that might be true, but the MAMBA aint goin nowhere baby.

I look forward to next season. With Artest, L.O.  and the Spaniard back on deck, our chances look rather good for repeating. in the meantime check out this sick vid made by MarJizee on youtube. good Looking!