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After two long years of degradation and humiliation, Michael Vick now has the chance to replenish his integrity and resurrect his career!

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Now I’m not typically a football fanatic but, as a proud Philadelphian and casual football/eagle’s fan, I have been unseemingly intrigued by this new addition to the team.  Vick, as we all know, previously spent a bit over a year and some change serving time in prison for the notorious dog fighting scandal. The lost of endorsements and the prison acclimation process had to be tough to endure, but is no match for the stigmas that he will have to battle, for what seems to be the rest of his career.

Ironically enough, the Philadelphia Eagles were THE team to go out on a limb and sign the bewildered Michael Vick to a 2 year deal, which is very feasible considering his situation. With all the controversy that surrounded the “Birds” through out the past decade or so, (McNabb’s annual injuries, the soap opera between him and T.O., and the depleted offensive of backfield minus B. Westbrook), its only fitting that the Eagles keep the NFL fans on the edge of their seat. As for the fans in Philly, not only does it give us something to look forward to, but it also  sends the message from the organization itself stating “WE WANT TO GET BETTER.” Talk about the frustration the city of Philly is dealing with… and I aint just talking about sports haha… But this very well could be the remedy my city needs. Last Year with the Phillies was great but we want that BOWL baby!


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  1. K.Michelle says:

    It was Very Well Written…I Totally Support he Eagles Decision to Pick Him Up…Everybody Makes Mistakes…All Of Us Sometimes Need A Second Chance….BTW…GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!

  2. CiaraG says:

    Yea and we need to get better. I think the eagles a good idea what their doing, because they wouldn’t just take him n for nothing. This the last year n Donavan’s contract, the city has been kinda wanting him gone on the low, and vick has always been a hell of a qb…. So I’m pretty sure that’s what they have n mind. But this year, I think they will have Vick playin kinda low key unti the hype calm down, and then next he’ll be takin mcnabb’s spot. But anywho I’m glad to see any team brave enough to step up first and sign him becuz teams are so scared of protestors and all the other heat they’re going to get. He did his time so let the man be where he belongs…. EAGLES!

  3. DJ says:

    This is a good move for us..Im glad the Mcnabb is all for it and supportive of the move..Now we should pull a move to get BDawk back so he can be there when we make history!!!!!

  4. mdotphoenix215 says:

    To Dj: i feel u man. if we had dawk back there, we might be unstoppable! just gotta see how shit pans out wit Vick and how he gona get some PT. i think he gona be on some reggie bush shit and or be the threat for trick plays and special teams.

    if all this works out the eagles will be like the NFL version of the Lakers hahaha!

  5. Rob says:

    the verdict in the court of public opinion won’t happen for awhile. All I’m saying is Michael Vick is in a vey good situation. He has a great supporting cast with Tony Dungy, Andy Reid, and Donovan McNabb. He has Jeffery Lurrie, a huge dog lover and an even bigger skeptic in this whole situation, watching his every move. He is in a city that loves people who takes advantage of second chances. Plus he can make $5,000,000 in the 2nd year of his contract if everything goes well. Thats 5,000,000 reasons right there why this all will work out. Let me remind you guys he currently filed for bankruptcy, so he needs the money. Public opinion will go in Vick’s favor when the wheels go into motion, just like it went in favor of another quarterback who happened to get booed in the 1999 draft…..

  6. Ruth says:

    People are gonna have their opinions about him… but all that will changes when he hits the field. I think this was a good choice for the birds, and the up coming season will be the tell all. Those who were all upset will be just fine once he does his thing on the field. Lets just hope McNabb does not throw a tantrum because we have seen how he deals with sharing the spotlight.

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