WoodStock: The 40th Anniversary

Posted: August 15, 2009 in Music, Peace

Exactly 40 years ago today, the world’s famous 1969 Woodstock concert and festival kicked off and would be later known as the biggest, the best, the most memorable and dynamic modern day event(s) known to man!


Now I’m sure everyone has heard of Woodstock, but those born of my generation (80’s babies stand up! )and those primarily immersed in urban/pop culture, typically aren’t aware of the significance Woodstock 69 has had on our society.

Now first things first… Woodstock 69 was an outright stoner’s paradise. After all, the event lasted a grueling 3 days. Yeah that’s right, that’s 1-2-3 days! Now I’m not knocking anybody for doing what they do, but in order to party that long with out sleep (or very little) you’ve got to be on something lol! The conditions, in which the 400,000 plus crowd members of Woodstock 69 had experienced, would in today’s era be considered intolerable. Could you imagine camping out on 6 acres of land, little food, no shower and or hotel to shield you from the rain? Yeah me either, but this event was far too significant than to let such conditions deter anyone from taking part of, and experiencing history in the making.

The theme, “3 days of peace and music.” No color barriers, age, social-economic status’, or any other segregating factors were going to ruin this weekend of utopia. Keep in mind that the current state that in which America was in, considering the revolution the Vietnam War, was one of ideological turmoil and spiritual despair.  People were suffering, and Woodstock 69 was the outlet in which people could alleviate their pain, and come together as a united race of beings with out the worries of unnecessary quarrels that would otherwise divide them.

From a cultural standpoint, this meant tolerance, understanding, appreciation, optimism and a whole slew of other adjectives that I can’t think of right now, but were nonetheless incorporated into our society, which help advocate the United States of America to become what it is today. Now my people from the urban community generally don’t listen to rock n’ roll, and when ask who Carlos Santana, Joe Crocker, and Crosby, Stills and Nash are, most will probably not know. And out of those who don’t, some, quite frankly wouldn’t care.  I say that with compassion because its really not our fault. The lines of segregation that was once blurred (multicultural, generational, social-economical) has now been redefined. Therefore, not knowing the significance of such an alternative, but influential event in American history is more predicated on who you are, than what you know.

All in all, Woodstock 69 was a success… Yeah there were some questionable occurrences that tainted the integrity of the event, but the positives out weight the negativity by far. Sorry for blabbing on in this article, but I just wanted to pay some homage, and give a lil recognition to this 40 year anniversary that shook up America.

Notables from Woodstock 1969’s line up:

Carlos Santana

Crosby, Stills and Nash

The Who


  1. Marian says:

    haha first of all, YAY 80’s babies! 😛 now to get down to business…

    a lot of people still camp out on land with little food, no shower, and no hotel when it rains. and not even just for a concert. take me for example…i live in a big wall tent in alaska with no electricity, no running water, and you either have to drive or hike 25 miles for a real town. but plenty of people still do those things for 3 days of a concert. outside of philly every year there’s a weekend dedicated to just that, but it’s with “folk” music. it’s called the philadelphia folk festival. and it’s every august. also in august there’s a week long event out in the desert called burning man.

    ooh, and i like all of the names you mentioned. but i think it helped that i’m the youngest of 8 kids and i grew up surrounded by my older brothers and sisters music. so i grew to love a mix of music that included them and the singers of my generation.

    i’m glad that guitar hero could inspire you to look more into woodstock! haha. 🙂

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