Lightning Strikes Twice!!

Posted: August 21, 2009 in Sports, Track, Usain, WTF?

Usain Bolt Does it Again! Wins Men’s 200m. What this man is doing right now is just flat out ridiculous. At this point and time, there is no one that can even come close to competing.

Usain chillin: 19.19 Word Record Time

Usain chillin: 19.19 Word Record Time

Usain Bolt is practically setting records in his sleep.  For the past 2 races, he’s set the bar even higher,  and as close to impossible as its going to get for generations to come. I say that with certainty and confidence, because there isn’t a man on this earth who has the potential of capturing records of this magnitude. He beat the competition by at least 5-6 yards, EASY.

And that’s exactly what it seems to be for him, really, really easy… A cheetah incarnated in the vessel of a NBA shooting guard, Usain Bolt is a freak of nature.

  1. Jess says:

    He’s one of those very talented athletes that was lucky enough to find the perfect sport to fit their perfect talents…so jealous lol

  2. Marian says:

    damn….that’s all i can say….

  3. Marian says:

    faster than a speeding bullet… (ok so i lied and i had more to say…sue me)

  4. Bryan says:

    He is absolutely amazing and at the rate he’s going he will never be stopped.

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