Ocho Cinco Can Do it All…

Posted: August 21, 2009 in NFL, Sports, WTF?
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Chad Ocho Cinco

Chad Ocho Cinco

Last night against the New England Patriots, Chad Ocho Cinco did the unexpected… Prominently known for his lightning quick speed, and agility on the football field, Chad Ocho Cinco put on a shockingly stellar but spontaneous performance against the Pat. As we all know, Chad is at the cream of the crop when is comes to  catching a football, but what we didnt know was how much of an exceptional kicker he is. According to ESPN, Chad Ocho Cinco played soccer up until his high school years. In fact, he actually dribbles a soccer ball on the sidelines before games (well at least thats what he was doing in yesterdays game). So after the sub par 2008 season, Chad Ocho Cinco might be back and better than ever, and silencing all of his critics with a big CHILD PLEASE lol! (watch the Hard Knocks series on HBO). His confidence is never an issue, but with this new display of talent and skill, it will be much harder for anyone to break his spirit. All he needs to do now and take a few snaps and coin the name “Mr. Do It All Himself,” a young Kordell Stewart in the making… Or maybe not? Its nice to be able to do all things well, but to be as good as Chad Johnson is at anything in this world has to be bliss. Big ups to this man. If you havent seen this footage, heres a look.

  1. Marian says:

    that’s what ppl get for laughing at him. people don’t know what others can do. and then they get the smiles wiped right off their face when they’re wrong. but poor patriots!! lol….i know you’ll hate me…but i like them toooo! i grew up liking them with the eagles b/c half my immediate family is from boston and all my cousins and other relatives are from there too!

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