Mike Beasley Smoking that Weedy

Posted: August 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

According to ESPN, Michael Beasley from the Miami Heat checked himself into a rehabilitation Center in Houston Texas. Reportedly, the Miami Heat encouraged Mike Beasley to check into the facility to address possible substance and psychological issues…

Is he Hi??? lol

Is he Hi??? lol

Quotes from Mike Beasley’s Twitter page

“Y do i feel like the whole world is against me..I cant win for losing.”

“Feeling like its not worth living!!!!!!! I’m done.”

Now this “Mary Jane” issue with Michael Beasley shouldn’t be a surprise. Prior to last years draft, the reports came out about his encounters with marijuana.

With Beasley being a top tier talent type of guy, teams will certainly be interested in the much anticipated 2010 signing frenzy. With this story making its way to the media, I’m sure his stock will go down…

What do you guys think about this matter? Is it a serious issue, or should had Pat Riley and the Miami Heat just let him be. After all, disciplinary action can not be enforced because he didn’t fail a drug test.

Share your thoughts…

  1. Marian says:

    the thing is, weed does not enhance anything for players. yes, it’s illegal because of the government, but that shouldn’t have any standing for the team. i know that team’s don’t want to “promote” the use/abuse of drugs or anything else that’s bad, but give it a break already! kids know about that sort of stuff earlier and earlier and NOT bc some basketball player is smoking it. plus, the only real lasting issue with weed is that it can fuck with your lungs…but not as bad as cigarettes. and there are people that play sports and smoke cigarettes. now, the psychological issues are another matter completely. if he has those issues, he needs to get those checked out and taken care of. b/c that’s a liability for the team. some of those quotes make him sound suicidal and depressed. that’s the stuff i say need to be worried about.

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