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Pretty Boy Flyod, aka Money Mayweather remains the undisputed champ!

Sit down!

Sit down!

After a 21 month sebbatical, Money Mayweather stepped back inside the square looking as sharp and as spiffy as ever. His opponent, Juan Manuel Marquez. A well respected fighter native of Mexico City, proudly accepted the challenge of taking on the man who’s commonly revered by most as the best pound for pound fighter in the game today (No disrespect to the Pac Man).

Despite the fact that the sport of boxing isn’t what it used to be, “Money” is definitely keeping it ALIVE! He’s everything that the sport needs right now. Mr. Young, flashy and fly himself never lacks charisma and he sure knows how penetrate the minds and hearts of his opponents. Some might say Floyd’s a bit arrogant or even narcissistic, but all in all, Money Mayweather has all the skill and talent to back up all the smack talking that spews from his mouth. 40-0 speaks for itself!

Juan Manuel Marquez, like the majority Latino fighters, is a man of pure courage and resiliency.  His will and determination reminds me of a fighter that once felt the raft of Mayweather a few years back, Ricky Hatton… Marquez has had an exceptional career (50-5-1) so far, but was clearly out of his weight class when going up against the champ. Speaking of which, Juan was penalized 600 grand for failing make weight at 144 lbs. Naturally he’s the smaller fighter. I’m not sure if stepping in the ring @ 142 pounds was a result of falling short of the agreement, or just a simple strategy to help compensate for his lack of speed and agility.

Ok enough of the formalities…

Floyd straight whooped Marquez’s ass!

The fight was almost laughable. After Knocking down Manuel Marquez in the second round, Money knew he had this fight in the bag. Taunting, and dancing around the ring as usual, he just flat out made his opponent look bad. And thats why I like Floyd. He’s like you typical guy from the hood, who loves to talk sh*t and make a name for himself by making the next guy look bad. He’s got the heart to match his ego, and knows how to entertain. By no way, shape or form does the cockiness get to me, because at times the guy is just funny. Now had he got his face beat in a few times, I wouldnt be the fan that I am, but thats just not the case.. Pretty Boy Floyd is more than a fighter, he’s an entertainer. A man who not only knows how to captivate the audience, but always gives the people what they want, a show. The Ultimate hybrid between your prototypical boxer with the smarts and textbook skills to go along with it, and that nigga from the hood with a mean box game; both  incarnated in the same body.

Seeing him out there brings back memories of when we were kids, slap tappin away in the driveway. I know this to be true, because last night at the sports bar, a small scuffle broke out in the mist of the main event lol!

All I seen was the 3 consecutive overhand rights colliding with this guys face. I didnt see how the situation started, but according to my man Larry, the guy who got punched in the face was deserving of it…

So this is the story. We in there all in there looking at the fight. Mind you its crowded as ever in there, and its hard to get where you got to go. So once you get a spot, ya best bet is to stay put. But anyway, the waiters were serving food on the floor where the mass of people were standing. This guy who finishes his plate and tries to go over towards the bar and set it on the counter top so he can get back to watching the fight. This other guy who’s sitting @ the bar is in his way, and refuses to move so the guy with the plate can dispose of garbage. The guy with the plate says “aye buddy, can you let me sit the plate down” The other guy continues to be a prick and ignores his request. So the guy with the plate puts the plate on the table anyway, and the other guy who’s sitting at the bar takes the plate and throws it on the ground. Now who knows what the guy was eating but I’m almost certain that it meal involved some kind of sauce that probably splattered all over his boots lol. A few words are exchanged and next thing you know (what I heard) was a WHOP! I immediately turned around and as I’m scanning the room for the commotion, I see this guy wounding up his right hand, about to deliver the second blow. WHOP! then he punches him again. Ironically, no security came to the scene, and the guys broke it up themselves. The guy who was sitting at the bar, who got punched in the face calmly grabbed his beer and began drinking it as if nothing happened. IDK man, maybe it was the liquor that disallowed  him to feel anything, but he seemed to be unphased by what just happened.

After all the hostility subsided,  almost immediately, the people directed their attention back to the flat screen TV’s. It was as if this was apart of the show or something lol.

I’n not an advocate for violence, but talk about a fun night! I got the two for one deal that Saturday

But all in all, the fight (that came one ppv) was a great one. Thats if your a Mayweather fan. All the Latino’s that came out to support Manuel Marquez slowly started to dip off as the Mayweather fans grew louder and louder.

I would love to see Floyd fight Manny Pacquiao next. Oh yeah, Sugar Shane Mosley comes to mind as well. We’ll see sometime in the remaining months of this decade if Floyd wants to come back. He said on the HBO series 24/7 that he accepted the challenge for the love of the sport. But they dont call em Money Mayweather for nothing! ;^]

Stay Tuned for more,

Mike Ferg.



So yeah.. Everyone is talking about Lady Gaga’s atrocious outfits and Kayne’s exhibition of immaturity at the MTV VMA Awards the other day, but the most shocking and appalling occurence to me, was Lil’ Mama’s silly behind hopping up on stage during the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance..

Now I know im like 3 days late with this, but I had to write about this one!

Who the ***k does she think she is comin up on stage like that?!

Not only did she come up there looking somebody’s poorly kept child, but she walked up there boppin her and glaring at Jay as if she’s really on his level. Like she put New York on the Map she belong up there or something.

The day after all the Drama spilled out onto the airwaves, I was riding to work the next morning and while listening to Charlemagne and them on the radio (100.3 The Beat) and he said ” you know that rumor that was floating around about Jay-Z having a son over in the UK, well Lil Mama is it. Thats his son and thats why she went up there. To be with her pops” (or something to that nature). When seeing and hearing the stories, I realized that I really cant stand this girl, man.. Granted, being a celebrity makes you somewhat worthy of possessing a hint of arrogance. Some might say that being from New York alone is enough to give a person that extra edge of confidence, but seriously, who does this chick think she is?? Aside from inviting herself on stage with two of the best to ever do it, she really sat up there and struck a pose with Jay and Alicia like “Yeah SON, Empire state of Mind Son! We in here B.” Flat out annoying!

Out of all people who could of went up there.. People who are worthy enough to share the same stage with Jay-Z and Ms Keys, she just had to be the one though. Talk about complete and utter disappointment? I would had loved to see Jay mush that dirt bag all the way off stage after the song was over. LMAO! Now that would’ve been funny!

But all in all, who cares. I mean its only entertainment. Normally i refrain from bashing celebrities, but its just something about this Lil’ Mama chick that gets to me. Come out with one lil song and think she still poppin (all pun intended).  She need to go somewhere with herself..

Ok im Done.. Whats on Sports Center?

Damn Buddy.

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This guy got owned!

Oregon State vs Boise State…

Dont feel like typing but heres the vid,  

and the link for details

Finally, Chris Breezey breaks his silence and speaks out. In this interview with Larry King on CNN, The Pop Mega Star opens up and tells his side of the story. No need to mention what the story is, because we already know…



Unlike most people, I actually feel bad for this young man. Despite the fact that I do not condone abusive relationships, I always feel empathy for the individuals who are scrutinized by the media. Primarily because people are so cynical and are always quick to judge and distribute blame on the perceived perpetrator.

The bottom line is that, none of us actually know the truth behind this situation. The only people who know the real deal are the ones who are involved. Besides that, we are all human… If you yourself havent been in a situation like this, then I’m sure you know someone who has. Yeah its wrong, and shouldn’t occur under most circumstances, but don’t sit up there and condemn people just because you can. Could you imagine being Chris Brown? Whatever happened, happened, but because he is who he is, his business gets exposed to the world, and it really isn’t fair. People will take your name and do whatever they like with it if given the chance. And when your a person who stands at such a high stature, people can not wait to tare you down…

Oh an another thing, Women are master mind manipulators (great use of alliteration haha). When in relationships they often know their man better than he knows himself. Let me know if Im wrong, but they always know how to push the right buttons in order to even the score. Having said that, do you really think Chris Brown just said F*CK it and went APE SH*T on her for no reason? I highly doubt that…

But anyway, here’s a His interview with Larry King. I hope you all enjoy and feel free to voice your opinions!!

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