Chris Brown Speaks Out

Posted: September 3, 2009 in Chris Brown, Music, Peace
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Finally, Chris Breezey breaks his silence and speaks out. In this interview with Larry King on CNN, The Pop Mega Star opens up and tells his side of the story. No need to mention what the story is, because we already know…



Unlike most people, I actually feel bad for this young man. Despite the fact that I do not condone abusive relationships, I always feel empathy for the individuals who are scrutinized by the media. Primarily because people are so cynical and are always quick to judge and distribute blame on the perceived perpetrator.

The bottom line is that, none of us actually know the truth behind this situation. The only people who know the real deal are the ones who are involved. Besides that, we are all human… If you yourself havent been in a situation like this, then I’m sure you know someone who has. Yeah its wrong, and shouldn’t occur under most circumstances, but don’t sit up there and condemn people just because you can. Could you imagine being Chris Brown? Whatever happened, happened, but because he is who he is, his business gets exposed to the world, and it really isn’t fair. People will take your name and do whatever they like with it if given the chance. And when your a person who stands at such a high stature, people can not wait to tare you down…

Oh an another thing, Women are master mind manipulators (great use of alliteration haha). When in relationships they often know their man better than he knows himself. Let me know if Im wrong, but they always know how to push the right buttons in order to even the score. Having said that, do you really think Chris Brown just said F*CK it and went APE SH*T on her for no reason? I highly doubt that…

But anyway, here’s a His interview with Larry King. I hope you all enjoy and feel free to voice your opinions!!

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  1. Foxx says:

    he sounded jus as I expected him to sound…like a little kid. But idk how to feel about him.. I think he can change.. I’m not rihanna, so don’t know how deep their relationship goes, so I won’t say whether she should give him another chance.. I don’t think there is a concrete set of rules on whether a female or male should forgive for abuse bc everyone is different. Maybe they both should jus fall back for a while.. They are young, chances are they weren’t gonna be together forever anyway, forever is a vey long time lol and they were gonna break up about a million times before “settling down” with eachother anyway. They should “play the field” then if they still have it bad for eachother, try it again..

  2. Tarik Brooks says:

    Got my man Chris in the hot seat on this interview. I can look and tell that was not him at all I think that he was pushed to that limit where he erupted and blacked out. Many of us are aware of how the women close to you know how to push the appropriate buttons and can take your anger to the next level. I think that is what happened in this situation and Chris Brown snapped. What’s crazy is Brett Myers beats his wife up and down the streets of Boston and you hear about it for a day or two.

  3. Marian says:

    lol, men can manipulate along with the best of women! both sexes are good at it. and u might be surprised hearing this from me, but i think if a woman is beating on a man, he has a right to give just as good as he gets. but no more than that. if her slap felt like a little thing, then he shouldn’t slap her back with his full force, but he better not just stand there and let a woman abuse him either. i know it’s a thin line between what’s acceptable and what’s not, and how a “real man” would never hit a woman….but be honest, if someone was beating on you, would you just stand there and let it happen? i would hope not! just like if a man EVER put his hands on me, you better believe that i’m going to go “ape shit” on him! and i’m not saying that is what happened, but i’m just saying is all. lol. and hi mdot!! i’ve been offline for a while and haven’t been able to read your blog, but i’ve caught up now! 😀

    • mdotphoenix215 says:

      so when it comes to manipulation, whose worse, men or women? bcz they use different methods. like a guy can intimidate a girl more times than not. but a chick would say and do those things that builds up and can set u off at the right time. a good example of that is dan cooks skit about relationships in his stand u gotta see it!!

      • Marian says:

        lol, i’ll look at that. but, ok well it depends on what kind of manipulation we’re talking about. i think generally women ARE worse with manipulation b/c they can wrap men around their pinky finger and get them to bend over all types of backwards for them. or they do push and prod knowing that it’s making the guy upset. but men do the same when they want to get a woman in bed. they say and do all the “right” things to get the woman to feel comfortable and willing to have sex. or they will want to be with you and string you along, but really be playing you so they can have you and another girl. so it really does go both ways…

  4. CiaraG says:

    yea women do kno how to fuck wit a niggas mind to really make him set it off! haha sad but true. but as a woman knowing how to set my dude off i would jus have to b ready for the actions hes about to take. at the end of the day most times the man is stronger than the woman. if the womans not ready for the heat then better not step in the kitchen!

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