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Born and raised in South Philadelphia, Beanie Sigel went from being a hustler on the streets to becoming on of the most revered names in the state of Hip-Hop. He’s made his mark on the game simply by being the person that he always knew; meaning that he perpetuated and image that was no other than himself.beanie_sigel2

In the dawn of the new millennium, there were various different artists and groups who had the necessary talent to extend beyond the sovereignties of Philadelphia (Gilly-Major Figgaz, Most Wanted to name a few) but Beanie Sigel was the artist who spear headed the game by linking up with the top dog of rap, Jay-z.

Eventually, the two became some what of dynamic duo. One who personified the lavish lifestyles of a successful hip-hop artist, and the other who spewed out the emotions of frustration and turmoil created by an impoverished human being; this for not only himself, but for the people… Through out the years, this polaric blend of Broadway and Broad Street fused together and created a bond that extended beyond an appreciation for music.

You know the saying “opposites attract,” well outside of the business aspects of music, this notion certainly held true. But what happens when something comes between those opposites? When a conflict of interest occurs? When the two differ in lifestyles and life choices? When one person feels that the heart is more important than the head…?

Those are questions that i cant answer entirely. But one thing is for sure, and thats somebody always ends up hurt. I hate to sounds so sentimental, but theres no getting around it.

Now I havent had the luxury of personally knowing Beans, but based on his body of work through out his career, and what from he speaks appears to be nothing short of “the truth” So its safe to assume that in the last song that he dropped called “The Average Cat” is no different. He speaks on the differences that he’s had between him and Jay. I’ll let you listen for yourself.

So as we know Beans has had his share of legal troubles. Despite the fact that some may disagree or lack empathy for his situation, he still has had to deal with it. Enduring the turbulences of coming from nothing, to making it big, back to dealing with legal discrepancies are tough for anybody.

In his latest interview with radio show host Charlemagne (100.3 The Beat) he goes in detail about how life was like for him through out all this drama, and how his so called homie Jay-Z pretty much left him out to dry.

Heres the interview so guys can see for yourself.

So there you have it.. Beans spilled out his heart and aired out most of what was going on behind closed doors. Obviously this issue involves money, but more importantly this is about looking out for ya man. I’ve heard a few different opinions about this matter. Some gives the “at the end of the day, this is still a business” explanation, while others see it as Jay-Z only looking out for himself.

My take on this matter is that, Jay could have been there for Beans. Yeah he got into a lot of trouble, but developing a friendship that extended beyond music was an insidious way to gain loyalty that would only benefit himself in the long run. I think Jay knew what he was doing. He took a talented street cat with a passion for music, and took advantage of his lack of understanding about the game. One thing that most people don’t realize, esp young and or up and coming artist, is that we still live in a capitalist society. The way this works is that the owner (Jay-Z for example) is trying to make as much money as he possibly can, regardless of personal or situational circumstances. Whats even worse is that coming from the business and media capital of the world, Jay-Z was born into a culture who understands this ideology and how it works. Beanie Sigel on the other hand came from a place where loyalty, respect and comradery was far more important than making a dollar. So although I understand the business aspect of it, I have to disagree with the people who side with Jay-Z. When your that rich, and have that much to spare, at what point do you realize that a person who considers you a brother to himself is more important than making MORE money. I mean as a person, Jay could of reached out to Beanie when he was doing his bid. Yeah He (Beanie) made some questionable decisions that cost him his freedom, thats still somebody that could use his help. I guess at the end of the day, people that dont want to be help cant be help, but theres a line between letting somebody learn the hard way and letting somebody deal with a world of shit on their own. Like Beanie said, he risked his career going to war with all of Jay-Z’s foes. So even if Jay didnt agree with the moves that Beanie made, just out of consideration and appreciation, I personally think that Jay could have schooled Beans a lot better. You can have all the tools and opportunity to be successful in life, but if no one teaches you how to utilized them, then what good are they?

But thats just my opinion.. Whats yours?

Lightning Strikes Twice!!

Posted: August 21, 2009 in Sports, Track, Usain, WTF?

Usain Bolt Does it Again! Wins Men’s 200m. What this man is doing right now is just flat out ridiculous. At this point and time, there is no one that can even come close to competing.

Usain chillin: 19.19 Word Record Time

Usain chillin: 19.19 Word Record Time

Usain Bolt is practically setting records in his sleep.  For the past 2 races, he’s set the bar even higher,  and as close to impossible as its going to get for generations to come. I say that with certainty and confidence, because there isn’t a man on this earth who has the potential of capturing records of this magnitude. He beat the competition by at least 5-6 yards, EASY.

And that’s exactly what it seems to be for him, really, really easy… A cheetah incarnated in the vessel of a NBA shooting guard, Usain Bolt is a freak of nature.

Usain Bolt, the West Indian native from Trelawny, Jamaica, has just set another world record.


In Berlin(Germany) at the 2009 World Championships, the best of the best meet at the world famous Olymiastadion for the right to say “my country is the best.” America’s Champion Tyson Gay, who has set a world record last year at 9.71 seconds in the men’s 100m dash, lined up next to Usain Bolt with the intentions of putting America back on top. As fast as he is, he still was no match for Usain who ran a blistering 9.58 seconds, capturing a new record. Smh..This guy is is just way too fast for his own good.

Last summer at the Beijing Olympics, Bolt let his presence be known, and showed to the world that Jamaica is not to be over looked. Setting what was then the fastest time ever recorded in the men’s 100m dash (9.69 seconds), Usain ran like a puma. Today at the World Championships, essentially 5 days before his 23rd birthday, Usain ran like a puma on steroids… lol (no pun intended)!

Shaving a mere .11  seconds off of his last record, Usain Bolt is practically racing against himself.  Keep in mind that Usain Bolt is a fairly large man, standing at 6’5, 200lbs. That’s outlandish comparing his body mass to his speed. can u say velocity?

And as for his country, they hold the top three recorded times in the men’s 100m dash, and it doesn’t look like they are about to let up.

Behind Usain Bolt’s records 9.58 and 9.69, stands fellow Jamaican Asafa Powell with 9.72