So yeah.. Everyone is talking about Lady Gaga’s atrocious outfits and Kayne’s exhibition of immaturity at the MTV VMA Awards the other day, but the most shocking and appalling occurence to me, was Lil’ Mama’s silly behind hopping up on stage during the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance..

Now I know im like 3 days late with this, but I had to write about this one!

Who the ***k does she think she is comin up on stage like that?!

Not only did she come up there looking somebody’s poorly kept child, but she walked up there boppin her and glaring at Jay as if she’s really on his level. Like she put New York on the Map she belong up there or something.

The day after all the Drama spilled out onto the airwaves, I was riding to work the next morning and while listening to Charlemagne and them on the radio (100.3 The Beat) and he said ” you know that rumor that was floating around about Jay-Z having a son over in the UK, well Lil Mama is it. Thats his son and thats why she went up there. To be with her pops” (or something to that nature). When seeing and hearing the stories, I realized that I really cant stand this girl, man.. Granted, being a celebrity makes you somewhat worthy of possessing a hint of arrogance. Some might say that being from New York alone is enough to give a person that extra edge of confidence, but seriously, who does this chick think she is?? Aside from inviting herself on stage with two of the best to ever do it, she really sat up there and struck a pose with Jay and Alicia like “Yeah SON, Empire state of Mind Son! We in here B.” Flat out annoying!

Out of all people who could of went up there.. People who are worthy enough to share the same stage with Jay-Z and Ms Keys, she just had to be the one though. Talk about complete and utter disappointment? I would had loved to see Jay mush that dirt bag all the way off stage after the song was over. LMAO! Now that would’ve been funny!

But all in all, who cares. I mean its only entertainment. Normally i refrain from bashing celebrities, but its just something about this Lil’ Mama chick that gets to me. Come out with one lil song and think she still poppin (all pun intended).  She need to go somewhere with herself..

Ok im Done.. Whats on Sports Center?


Damn Buddy.

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This guy got owned!

Oregon State vs Boise State…

Dont feel like typing but heres the vid,  

and the link for details

Finally, Chris Breezey breaks his silence and speaks out. In this interview with Larry King on CNN, The Pop Mega Star opens up and tells his side of the story. No need to mention what the story is, because we already know…



Unlike most people, I actually feel bad for this young man. Despite the fact that I do not condone abusive relationships, I always feel empathy for the individuals who are scrutinized by the media. Primarily because people are so cynical and are always quick to judge and distribute blame on the perceived perpetrator.

The bottom line is that, none of us actually know the truth behind this situation. The only people who know the real deal are the ones who are involved. Besides that, we are all human… If you yourself havent been in a situation like this, then I’m sure you know someone who has. Yeah its wrong, and shouldn’t occur under most circumstances, but don’t sit up there and condemn people just because you can. Could you imagine being Chris Brown? Whatever happened, happened, but because he is who he is, his business gets exposed to the world, and it really isn’t fair. People will take your name and do whatever they like with it if given the chance. And when your a person who stands at such a high stature, people can not wait to tare you down…

Oh an another thing, Women are master mind manipulators (great use of alliteration haha). When in relationships they often know their man better than he knows himself. Let me know if Im wrong, but they always know how to push the right buttons in order to even the score. Having said that, do you really think Chris Brown just said F*CK it and went APE SH*T on her for no reason? I highly doubt that…

But anyway, here’s a His interview with Larry King. I hope you all enjoy and feel free to voice your opinions!!

Vids were removed

Priceless footage! This kid is going to be the man in the next 15 years. Can you imagine the college and house parties!?!?! I wish i was his age, so maybe I would have the chance to hang out with this boy when he gets older. Man this vid is great, take a look!

1st Game Back is a Success.

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Although Mike Vick didn’t start, was fairly rusty and didn’t play much, he still managed to go out there and show the world that he was willing to do whatever it takes.

Thats right Mike!

Thats right Mike!

Sure, its a long road back until Vick becomes the beloved sports icon that he once was, but he’s on the right track… Tonight he played multiple positions (QB, Wide out and lining up in the famous wild cat formation), showing that he’s more than just an unconventional quarter back.

With Andy Reed as head coach, I think that We could utilize Mike for more things than just a back up QB. I can see him doing what Reggie Bush does, catching pitches out on the wings and making plays with his feet. What makes it more dangerous, is that he has a cannon that is out of this world! So making the throw down the field is something that defensive coordinators will always have to consider. The Wild Cat offense is just child’s play when factoring in the slew of offensive threats that the Eagles possess.

Because of all the drama surrounding Vick, the city has been polarized, which makes it hard to feel out the general consensus on how the fans will accept him. But when he first stepped out on the field, the crowd was rather welcoming to say the least. We know how things can get with us Philly fans…

“It was awesome. When I was running out onto the field I was listening to see what the reaction was going to be,” Vick said. “I was very pleased. I really didn’t expect that reaction, but I was very thankful.”

I’m sure the city of Philly will come around as a whole, and will sooner rather than later, appreciate Mike Vick for who he is, let alone what he’s capable of doing. Its just gona take some time, but I’m glad he is here..

Welcome Michael Vick!

Eagles win 33-32.

T.I. The Person…

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This video was captured and edited by a one of my middle school classmate’s brother, Brandon Robinson.

B.R. aka B.I., is T.I.’s personal photographer/videographer. This compilation gives you all a peek inside of the world of T.I. the celebrity, and Clifford Harris the man.

Most of us take it for granted, you know, with all that we see on tv. But there’s a lot of hard work put into this type of career in order to make it successful. More importantly, this video shows you the real life aspects of being the kind of celebrity that T.I. is, not just the glits and glamour.

Great editing. He couldnt have picked a better way to piece together this material. It correlates so well with the song.

Shout outs to Marcus R.

Mike Vick is Ready!

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According to ESPN News, Vike Vick will be suiting up and playing in his first professional NFL game since 2007..

Supposedly, Vick is going to play against the Jacksonville Jaguars this Thursday. Cant wait!! Im happy for him and excited for the eagles. I dont have much to report on this, but damn, that first play we see him on the field will be nuts! …Let me stop before this negro does a Tom Brady on us and gets hurt the first play of the game lol

Philly Stand Up! This could be the beginning of something great for our city… UNITE!