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So there you have it… Brett Favre is now the first and only player ever to have won a game against all 32 teams in the National Football League!

Young Jock dance? lol

Young Jock dance? lol

Just let that marinate for a second…

Not only did he accomplish something that is so unique, so unattainable, something so… atypical. He did it with such pizazz and charisma. A true vintage Brett Favre performance on a Monday night; throwing  24 of 31 for 271 yards and 3 TD’s, NFL fans couldnt ask for more.

It doesnt get any better than this. Aside from the Superbowl, this The Packers vs Vikings has to be arguable one of the most anticipated games of the season. You’ve got Brett Favre taking snaps for his longtime rival team, while facing off against the franchise that essentially nurtured, embodied and solidified his legacy (thats until the ish hit the fan). The “Young Buck” squaring off against the “Old Bull”, who’s trying to show to the world that Green Bay’s decision in let go of Brett Favre wasnt a testament to his old age  and rust, but that he, Aaron Rogers is a legitimate NFL QB who deserves the time of day.

Without a doubt, Brett has really big shoes to fill. I’m sure the thoughts of measuring up has circled around the conscious A. Rogers, but by he looks of it, it hasnt fluster him one bit. He and Brett made sure that this game would be worth all the hooplah.

On the opening drive Favre moved the ball down the field completing an perfect 5 of 5. 2nd and goal lined up at the 2 yard Brett drops of a sweet pass to Visanthe Shiancoe for 6.

The very next drive Aaron Rogers comes back with a with a series of  completions that required a bit of foot action to make it happen. 3rd and five, the Packs line up at their own 35 yard line. Aaron takes the shotgun snap and finds his tight end, Jermichael Finely for 62 yard score.

Can you say bait and hook? I already knew that this game would be something worth watching but didnt expect for it to start off like that.

Through out the game, there was some exceptional plays being made by both Brett and Aaron, but the underlying factor that determine the game was not the play of the two quarter backs. Quite naturally, there was a lot of hype and fixation geared towards the two QB’s and rightfully so, but what mattered the most was the pass protection and the defensive prowess.

In the head to head match up, judging by the numbers you might think that Aaron Rogers had the better game, but his offensive line could hold up. Despite the fact that the Vikings defense forced a fumble recovery and an interception, Rogers still managed to throw 26-37 for 384 and 2 TD’s. Quite Frankly I was impressed. I thought that he would fold under the pressure. But then again, all of the attention was focused on Brett so Aaron had little to nothing to lose. He was already the underdog and as the story was written, his defeat at the hands of the legendary Favre was supposed to happen…

But had this went the other way, and the Packers won this game? All of the blame would have been shunned upon the shoulders of Brett Favre. It’s not that he had anything to prove in regards to who’s the better quarter back. It was more along the line of him having to make that statement saying “how dare you guys (packers) not give me the liberty of retiring at my own convenience… I’ve brought home a Superbowl victory along multiple division and conference championships. For 16 hard years, I’ve endured injury after injury and never took the easy way out!” “For Christ sakes, I’m Brett Mutha-Fu*k-en Favre bro! I’ve gave you guy’s my all, and you have the nerve to draft this kid and give presence over me? I run this! I this is my town!” lol

Aight, well maybe I got a lil too carried away with all the drug lord antics, but you get my drift…lol

I’n not a Packer, Viking or Favre fan. But if  i had to chose who I favor the most out of  the 3, I most certainly would ride with Brett on this one. I can absolutely feel his glee for settling the score with his former team. Like everyone else, in the summers of 07 and 08 i was tired of hearing about all this retirement mess, and eventually started grow not so fond of Brett. I mean he’s old(er) and at the time was indecisive. No matter how patient you are, nobody likes that old man in the grocery store who lags at the cash register because he’s not sure if he put too much in his cart, and isnt sure if he has the cash to cover it all… But once the media frenzy subsided, and the rubbish was cleared, I began to feel for Brett. Imagine that you did something you really loved for a living, and once you are at the end of you career, coming back isnt an option once you decide to leave.. Well unless your Brett Favre, but you get me. In short, the Packers took away his liberties.  His options, his freedom to say “no Im not ready to leave yet.”

Thats why this victory had to be so sweet. It wasnt to prove or show to the world that he can still play. It wasnt to prove to not even himself that he could out play the young Aaron Rogers. It was a subtle statement statement communicated from a single man to a giant that said “how dare you..”

Despite what Brett may tell the media, Revenge, History, and a few dozen babies were made that night.. Who would’ve knew that the 32 degree’s of completion would have came the way it did..

Before I forget

Nightly Notables:

Jared Allen, who had 4.5 sacks last night.

Atwoine Winfield with 9 tackles and the only interception of the game.

These two guys did their thing. And the Vikings offensive line gave their QB the time to do what he does best. It really was a collective effort.

Viks win 30-23..