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So what do you know, the 2009-2010 season is underway. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was in my living room watching best player in the league solidify his place amongst the immortals of the NBA. Yes, The Black Mamba, Kobe “Bean” Bryant is STILL the best player in the game today. But thats not what Im here to write about (entirely)..

This year is by far the most intriguing, and exuberant year in the NBA (in my opinion) since the Melo, Wade and Lebron draft in 03. Theres so much to talk about… So many things to expect. So many possibilities, and so so many up can coming stars to acknowledge.  Idk even know where to start…

Well how about this, Opening Night was was amazing! We got a chance to see the new block buster acquisitions for two of the three elite teams in the east,  Rasheed Wallace (Boston Celtics) and Shaq Daddy (Cleavland Cavaliers) in action. Now let me say that Shaq in my estimation is no longer the quick fix to a problem. He’s obviously past his prime, and is apparently making every effort to just “hang in there”, while he crutches on Lebron and Co. to piggy back his way to the NBA finals. Its a bit early for me to assess whether or not  Shaq has finally pulled it all together, and is in feasible enough shape to endure the rigors of a grueling NBA 82 game season, so Im not about to shred him up just yet. His performance did decline towards the second half of the game, so if you’re a Cavs fan, lets just hope this isnt a microcosm of what the NBA season would be like…cavs-shaq-and-lebron-53f1b3d16c86876b_medium

As for the Team in Green, they started out pretty slow, but like the heart and soul of their team captain and leader, KG and the Celtics scrapped their way back into the game. Since we’re on the topic of the new team additions, Sheed was stellar! Knocked down some key three’s (3-6 from the arch) to help propel his squad to victory.. Now the stats aren’t nearly as important as presence on the defensive end as well as an inside/outside threat. Furthermore, it seems to be a seamless transition from being star player of the Pistons, to becoming the 6th man off the bench. In short, all I can say is that this year playoffs will be worth every bit of the anticipation. It has to be!

Later on that night the Lakers took on the cross town rivals La Clippers. The historically  deemed underdogs, were their best man short for the first game of the season. Rookie Star, Blake Griffin has suffered a knee cap injury one day before the opening night. He’s projected to be out for at least 3 weeks.

On the inverse side of things, the highlight(s) of that game had nothing to do with Kobe posting some commendable stats (33 pts 8 rebs and 4 stls), but rather the championship celebration before hand.The 2009 NBA Champions received their diamond encrusted rings. —SB: They had their faces on them jawns btw lol.. Now thats just outlandish!–

Ring Number 4 kobe


The comish, David Stern was there to commemorate the Lake Show for last season’s accomplishments.  Not surprising, but to see all the great Lakers in attendance; Jerry West, Magic, Big Game James, Mike Cooper, Rob Horry, just to name a few.. It really was something special.

I was watching 1st take this morning and Skip Bayless said something along the lines of “it seemed as if the great Lakers players were there to welcome Kobe into the circle of made men”. I couldnt agree more. After all these years of scrutiny and overcoming the haters, Kobe has finally won it on his own. No longer can the nay sayers say ” he aint winning it with out Shaq”. Last night was the solidification of what Kobe has done through out his career, prove the doubters wrong…

here’s a look at the ring ceremony

It surely was a special thing to see. Overcoming and exceeding the expectations of the opposing party(s) is certainly one of the best feelings a person can experience…

Speaking of which, I’ve once heard that Guilbert Arenas once say in a Adidas commercial that he wears the number Zero to always remind himself of what his doubters thought of him. They always told him that he wouldnt amount to anything.  So he used this as fuel and constant motivation to continually get better; proving people wrong. Well let me say that its good see him back in action! After a good 2 year hiatus the “Hibachi” is back on the grill, cooking more cats than a Chinese store (corny i know LOL). He was sharp, cohesive and most importantly, the explosiveness was there. He shows no ill effects from his knee injury, and appears to be back on the right track. By no means am I a fan of the Wizards, but I’ll def be rooting for Agent Zero this season.

Guily’s first game back

Share your outlooks on the 2009-2010 season.

31 years old and still doing!

Kobe Bryant is still the leagues best player, and remains at the top of his game. It seems like yesterday when the skinny, peanut head kid from right outside of philly (Lower Marion), came into the league as a young 17-year-old. With all the talk about Lebron owning the league in the future, that might be true, but the MAMBA aint goin nowhere baby.

I look forward to next season. With Artest, L.O.  and the Spaniard back on deck, our chances look rather good for repeating. in the meantime check out this sick vid made by MarJizee on youtube. good Looking!