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White Chocolate aka Jason Williams is back in the NBA after taking a year off.

Most known for his flashy passes and fancy crossovers, the white boy from Orlando, Florida is coming back and getting ready to gear up with the Orlando Magic.

J Dub looking like the Logo..

J Dub looking like the Logo..

The 10 year vet has been through a few difficulties prior to winning his first and only championship with the Miami Heat in 2006. Debuting in the 1998-99 season, Jason-White-Chocolate-Williams had trouble finding his niche as a true point guard in the NBA. Most of his critics were rather cynical, in saying that he played the game the wrong way and didnt take the game seriously. But one thing is certain, this man can play. Most people haven’t had the chance to pay close attention to J Dub and his outlandish skill set/talent, primarily because of the low profile and sub par winning organizations that he’s played for.

Since being traded from the (then Vancouver) Grizzlies, Williams has toned it down and has learned how to play team basketball. Every once and a while he’ll pull out a trick or two, but playing under the Great Hubbie Brown and Pat Riley in the later stages of his career has cultivated his game into a respectable, and relatively useful one.

All in all, I’m just happy to see him back in the league… If you ask me, he’s always had a nasty game. Too bad youtube wasn’t around when he was REALLY doing his thing

I need yall opinion…

Who has the nastiest handle in the league?