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For the past 2 NFL season, Brett Favre has been on the verge of retirement and has never given a definitive answer when addressing his future in the NFL. In the 2007-2008 season (last year), Brett spent practically the entire off season going back an forth between retirement and suiting up for next year. Then, the 38 year old Brett exhausted all of his time, and the Green bay Packer’s patience, leaving them(the Packers)  no option but to go with the sure shot in the young Aaron Rogers.

Brett Farve if the Minnesota Vikings

Brett Farve if the Minnesota Vikings

Now we all know that Brett wasn’t taking the back seat to this kid. So he signed with the Jets, hoping to get traded to the Minnesota Vikings. Ironically enough, the Vikings are in the same conference as the Packers (NFC north) which lead me to believe that Brett has something up his sleeve… I think He he might have a vendetta against the organization that he once called his own..

So here we are, a few weeks before the season opener and Brett finally commits to the Minnesota Vikings. Now after having shoulder surgery this off-season, the 39 year old Favre seemed more questionable than probable in regards to coming back this year, but never closed the window of opportunity. After rehabbing his shoulder, he worked out with a High School football team in Hattiesburg, Ms and has been staying  in contact with the Minnesota Vikings through out the entire off-season.

Deja vous all over again. Brett played his cards the same way he did with Green bay the previous year. Keeping his options open and making his decision last minute. Now that might be an inconvenience to most teams, but for the Minnesota Vikings who are in dire need of a true QB? There is no such inconvenience when considering what Bret can and will Bring to the table! I mean look, if your a Vikings fan, you’ve got everything to look forward to… With AP in the backfeild doing what he does, and Antwan Winfield lining up at the DE, your threats seem unlimited. For the past few years, the Minnesota Vikings have been known for their exceptional run-stopping defense. As for Adrian Peters, that man is a flat out beast.

Some might say Brett is old… He’s pushing 40… Cant do it anymore…

Yeah all that may be true, but one thing Brett Favre has is heart! The leadership qualities and persona is all he will need to make that football team complete. The future looks bright in Minnesota, that’s all i can say…

Shout outs to Maurice P.


After two long years of degradation and humiliation, Michael Vick now has the chance to replenish his integrity and resurrect his career!

michael-vick (1)

Now I’m not typically a football fanatic but, as a proud Philadelphian and casual football/eagle’s fan, I have been unseemingly intrigued by this new addition to the team.  Vick, as we all know, previously spent a bit over a year and some change serving time in prison for the notorious dog fighting scandal. The lost of endorsements and the prison acclimation process had to be tough to endure, but is no match for the stigmas that he will have to battle, for what seems to be the rest of his career.

Ironically enough, the Philadelphia Eagles were THE team to go out on a limb and sign the bewildered Michael Vick to a 2 year deal, which is very feasible considering his situation. With all the controversy that surrounded the “Birds” through out the past decade or so, (McNabb’s annual injuries, the soap opera between him and T.O., and the depleted offensive of backfield minus B. Westbrook), its only fitting that the Eagles keep the NFL fans on the edge of their seat. As for the fans in Philly, not only does it give us something to look forward to, but it also  sends the message from the organization itself stating “WE WANT TO GET BETTER.” Talk about the frustration the city of Philly is dealing with… and I aint just talking about sports haha… But this very well could be the remedy my city needs. Last Year with the Phillies was great but we want that BOWL baby!


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