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According to the reports on the National Football Post website, the Oakland Raiders  head coach Tom Cable punched one of his assistant’s in the face!!

Raiders Head coach Tom Cable

Raiders Head coach Tom Cable

On August 5th in Napa, California and altercation took place at the Oakland Raiders training camp. Initially, the police report did not disclose any names of the person directly involved in the altercation, but thanks to the Nation Football Post official website, we learned that defensive assistant Randy Hanson suffered a broken jaw due to a fight that broke out between he, and his boss. Hanson refused to press criminal charges, for confidential reasons.

Now Randy Hanson isnt a big dude…But Tom Cable is!  Randy Hanson must have gotten sucker punched, and was hit unexpectedly… Which ever way it happened, it sucks for him.

But thats crazy (rather funny) when you hear about one coach whipping another coaches ass lol. Normally its the players who have a falling out.

Nonetheless, football is a man’s sport and tempers are going to flare. But these type of things are supposed to be kept in house.  Cable just might not be there to coach come September, because once a third part gets involve the organization has to take action.  Im not mad that this happened Cable could of picked on someone his own size.

What do you think about this matter?